Movie Clip in swf won't show animation in adobe premiere pro cs4

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Hi, I am new to this forum and as well as a beginner user of adobe premiere pro cs4. I am recently making a animation using Adobe Flash CS5, I've been using movie clips symbol to create all the movement of the character, background and stuff. Unfortunately, swf movies exported from Adobe Flash CS5 do not show any animation at all in Adobe Premiere Pro CS4. I have to use movie clips symbol instead of graphic symbol because filters can be added to a movie clip symbol but not graphic symbol. Is there any way to help making the movie clip symbol to be shown in Adobe Premiere Pro CS4? Your help is much appreciated.
Check Flash help in the "video" section, specifically "moving content between" PR and FL. (I was looking at CS4, but it must be there in CS5 help as well.)
Your movie is to be watched on a TV?  I would do this in After Effects. because you'll lose most of the flash functionality once you go to video anyway,
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