Missing Backups -- They are there, but Time Machine won't see them

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I have backups going back to March 2008 on an external USB drive. Recently, there was an error message in my time machine status bar that a backup had been interrupted. After that, TIme Machine stopped backing up. I repaired my time machine backup disk using disk utility (and it found and repaired an error that there were an "Incorrect number of Access Control Lists"). I then reselected my external drive as my backup disk. Time machine is again backing up correctly. Moreover, my time machine preferences show that my oldest backup is, in fact, from March 2008, and when I mount the sparsebundle from the USB drive, all my old backups appear. However, when I actually enter time machine, none of the older backups appear. In fact, none appear at all. Only "today" is visible. Any idea how I can make time machine recognize and view all of my old backups?
I have a similar problem, with a slight twist.
Installed Time Machine January 2008.
The Apple store installed 10.5.6. November 2008.
Time Machine will only go back to the date of the 10.5.6 installation.
In console or terminal mode there are some directories and files are there on the backup HD. Although I have not found the original baseline backup yet from the console mode.
Apple support call in reported that a product specialist said the only thing to do was erase the backup HD and start over, that the 10.5.6 install had been a "new" install and the backups were no longer going to be accessible. One way to cut down on support calls is to to limit the support delivered.
Found several December 2008 references to changing permissions on "Mac address" based on ethernet card 16 byte file.
"Note the name of the file that begins with a period and has 12 characters in the name, such as ".001b6397c156" mentioned in the quote above"
This permission was r-------- to begin with. I did a chmod a+r and a+w.
A number of ways on the web to do that.
But this has not changed the behavior, but I have not rebooted yet.
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