Meta Data in m4v files...

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Hi Everyone,
I know this is one everyone asks but I can't find a bit of software that will do the job.
I want to imbed meta data into my m4v files for the AppleTV 2. I've been using MetaX, and looked into MetaZ.
MetaX works, but I would like to add the HD logo (and even the SD logo)
MetaZ only works with mp4 files...
I've also tried:
None of these seem to work.
I don't mind paying if its the right tool for the job.
Thanks everyone.
Yes Subler does support adding the HD tag.
On the Mac I wouldn't use anything but Subler for tagging, best UI, best metadata lookup, best underlying libraries for mp4 files (I'm biased on the libraries part).
Cheers Ed.
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