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My previous thread was delete due to forum rules infringment.
I describe here again my problem, hoping to have a solution and considering that the problem I faced was not my fault, but it happened after a Nokia official update downloaded via Ovi Suite.
On 15th of April I've installed the Microsoft Apps and after my C6-01 reboot I found that the application "message reader" does not work anymore (tapping on the blue icon in the homescreen had no effect).
The only way to use the message reader was going in the incoming SMS folder, select a message anoose "LISTEN" from the menu. In this way the reader works.
Some days ago someone in this forum suggested me to remove the configured mailbox and try; in this way the reader came back to life and worked again, but if I add a mailbox the problem come back and the reader is malfunctioning again. So the only way to have this application working is removing any mailbox from my C6-01.
Therefore, considering that this problem occurred after an official update from Nokia and not for an user's error, I would like that Nokia tell me how to solve this malfunction.
Thanks for your attention and forgive my poor english.
After the first time I installed Micro$oft App$ I did a deep reset pressing the four keys as described in a web site I've found. After this procedure my C6-01 rebooted without many applications, so I have connected it to Ovi Suite and restored the firmware. The result was a "brand new" and perfect phone, until the new installation of M$ Apps on 11th of April :-(
So we are three Nokia users with the same problem... and we will faithfully wait for a fix ;-)
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