ME57 transaction with possibility to show in ALV layout

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Hi experts,
I need change the alv grid in  the transaction ME57. To this, I copied the program RM06BZ00 (scree, includes... )
When I try execute the program with ALV layout the message ''Scope of list ALV not defined (please correct)" shows.
To resolve this problem I change the parameter im_service in the ME_REP_GET_TABLE_MANAGER function (Way to function: program ZSAPFM06B / include ZFM06BF04 / Include ZFM06BF04_PRUEFEN_LSTUB)
When I change this parameter on Debug (manual change) the ALV shows correctly, but when I change in program code the message remains.
How the way to copy the Me57 transaction with possibility to show in ALV layout?
Follows the code change:
        im_service = 'RM06BZ00'
        im_scope   = l_scope
        ex_manager = gf_factory.
Thank you!
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I solved my own problem...
The change in im_service was right.
The problem is that:
The gf_factory back empty in some places and in standrad transaction back with values. The memory clean the gf_factory result.
So... the only way to show ALV is fill the gf_factory in anywhere the gf_factory is check.
The places are:
1. sapfm06b - fm06bf04 - fm06bf04_pruefen_lstub
     Call in RM06BZ00 - perform pruefen_lstub(sapfm06b) using p_lstub.
2. sapfm06b - fm06bfsl - fm06bfsl_ban_aufbauen
    Call in RM06BZ00 - ban_aufbauen(sapfm06b).
3. sapfm06b - fm06bf01- fm06bf01_submit
   Call in RM06BZ00 - perform   perform submit(zgb_sapfm06b) using sucomm.
If the gf_factory is filled in this places... The ALV will show!
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