Make PO Box City field as required when either of other fields r non-blank

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I need your help and valuable suggestion to fix this problem.
While Creating/Changing a vendor, I would like to input some data in the PO box address area (Table LFA1). If I populate the fields PO Box & Postal code fields in this area, the PO box City field should become a required one. Currently it is an optional field. I dont want to do it at field status level.
If there are not any data in either of those fields, then PO box city field should be an optional one.
How can we do this? Please provide me a solution in detail.
You can use user exits for this req. Take the help of your ABAPer who can assist you in finding the relevant exit and fix this as per the logic specified by you. Or you can also approach SAP Service marketplace who will provide the required data.
hope this helps
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