MacBook crashes when connected to charger

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Recently my MacBook has been crashing when I put it on charge and doesn't respond when I restart the MacBook when I press the power button, its the Mid 2010 one bought it last October and its running OSX Lion..?
Any ideas would be welcome, Thank You
Many people with 2wire access points have confided problems with connectivity. Most often it is remedied by doing a firmware update to the wireless router, but most employees do not have the authority to do that sort of thing. If you have a computer tech, ask him or her if they could visit the 2wire website and do any firmware updates which the wireless router hasn't had. Realize that this may or may not cure your problem, many who have updated to OS 10.4.10 have experienced continued problems with connectivity, probably because of mismatches in the "standard specifications" of wireless connectivity.
Hi Mort!
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