Mac Mini - Core Solo - Won't See Any Wireless network

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I have a Mac Mini, first gen Intel, Core Solo, that won't see any wireless networks. However, it will see my extreme basestation, and my two airport express devices over bonjour, which makes me think that the wireless device is working.
I've reset the PMU, with no luck.
Any suggestions?
Does an Airport card show in the system profiler?
Is Airport switched on in your mini - the Airport icon in the menu bar should show at least grey bars rather than an empty white 'fan' shape?
With Airport on, when you click on the Airport icon, does it show any network?
If you click on 'Join Other Network' and type the name of the wifi network you run, what error message does the system give?
How far away from the wifi base station is the mini? What kind of structures and environment is it in?
If you move the mini to be in close proximity to the wifi base station, does it show any signal?
When you download a copy of AP Grapher ( and run it, what does it show for signals, noise etc?
How is the mini seeing any wifi devices via Bonjour - do you have it wired into your network? If so, the fact that the devices appear via bonjour doesn't mean they are transmitting wifi, nor that they are in range.
By the way, the Core Solo mini doesn't have a PMU to reset. If you used the PMU reset procedure it won't have helped, and may actually have caused problems. The correct procedure for an Intel-based mini is an SMC reset, as follows:
-From the Apple menu, choose Shut Down (or if the computer is not responding, hold the power button until it turns off).
-Unplug all cables from the computer, including the power cord and any display cables.
-Wait at least 15 seconds.
-Plug the power cord back in, *making sure the power button is not being pressed* at the time.
-Then reconnect your keyboard and mouse to the computer.
-Press the power button on the back to start up your computer.
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