Looking for Headphone Recommendations for Zen Mi

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Hey Guys
Yup, another one of those annoying what one threads, but hopefully someone will take heart and help me out.
Yesterday I bought Myself a CL Zen Micro to replace my Sony HD-NW, due to the fact that XP 64Bit support for the Sony looks to be non existant. So far I'm very happy with the Volume, and Clarity of the music (I listen to anything and everything)
At the moment, my headphones are Sony MDR-V300 Cans, but I think that it might be time to retire them. The main reason is the 3 Metre Cable that comes with it. They are great phones, but I really need something a bit more shorted in the cable race, as I use them in work every day, and people are starting to notice the HUGE bulge in my pocket
What I'm looking for is a DJ Style Headphone (Over the Head, big cans - Due to a birth defect, I have no ear canal on my right ear, however, with the big cans, the sound vibrates through my skull, and into the Inner ear, which is formed. Voila, Sound in my Right Ear) with a standard Headphone jack, and ideally metre cable either straight or curly.
Can anyone help with a recommendation? Ideally I'm looking to spend sub ?50, but can go higher depending on the quality. I'm looking for a headphone that has a meaty bass, but doesnt sacrifice the Mid and Treble Range. A good all rounder that can handle Rock and metal as well as classical and jazz. I've been looking at either the Numark PHX, the Sony MDRV500 or the Sennheiser HD25'2.
Cheers for any help
Koss Portapro. The look is retro-80s, but they are the best headphones on the market for less than $50. They're comfortable and they have a rich DJ sound which is good for rock music. They're not a real DJ-style headphone, but they should be okay for your needs.
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