Logminer not displaying right values

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Dear all, on solaris 10
exec DBMS_LOGMNR.ADD_LOGFILE ('/arch/TABS2_133083_662754021.arc');
when v$logmnr_contents is queried, it is displaying the sql_redo and sql_undo as
insert into "UNKNOWN"."OBJ# 165170"("COL 1","COL 2","COL 3","COL 4","COL 5","COL 6","COL 7","COL 8") values (HEXTORAW('c410323d43'),HEXTORAW('706f7274616c'),HEXTORAW('c7150b04120a383a'),HEXTORAW('c120'),HEXTORAW('3137322e33302e302e3435'),HEXTORAW('3137322e33302e302e3435'),HEXTORAW('7075626c6963'),HEXTORAW('687474703a2f2f7777772e766976612e636f6d2e6b772f706f7274616c2f706167652f706f7274616c3f5f7061676569643d6e756c6c265f6461643d706f7274616c265f736368656d613d504f5254414c'));How do I get the exact insert statement ? (instead of the above binary values)
Edited by: KaiS on Apr 1, 2010 6:07 AM
What is object# 165170? Is it your table of interest?
Log miner produces the SQL necessary to undo the change and since it is using hex strings I would suspect one possible reason might be that all the columns in question are encrypted.
When you identify the object and list is create DDL that should identify if this guess is correct or not. If not then hopefully it will provide the necessary information to identify what you are seeing.
HTH -- Mark D Powell --
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