Load balancing for SAP R3 through ITS for EP .

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Dear All
We are using ITS bease SAP R3 iviews in EP ..The landscape is as follows
EP --> ITS --> SAP R3 .
We need to configure a load balancing from EP to R3. Currently the ITS is set to hit one Application server on SAP r3 . How do i configure load balancing in EP for R3 .
Even if we use the Load Balancing Iview, it does not prompt to enter SAP R3 Application servers in the EP Load balancing iview properties.
all it asks is the ITS server and SAP server for connectors.
Please do the following steps to accomplish load balancing. It includes both ITS definition and system definition.
ITS Definition:
System definition alone will not help. Because you are using ITS to access SAP R/3. ITS uses global.srvc file to access SAP R/3 system.
When you install ITS you have option to choose connection with SAP R/3. You have two options here.
1) Message server with load balancing
2) Application server.
If you choose option 1, you will have load balancing on SAP R/3 using ITS.
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