LMS 3.2 Syslog is not showing Report

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I have LMS 3.2 that is having Syslog reporting problem. The syslog messages are being sent to LMS and i can see them in the CSCOpx->log->syslog.log but when i try to generate a 24-hour report,the report is generated without any records.
1- i tried to solved the problem by stopping the cisco works Daemon manger and CWCS syslog services then delete the syslog.log file.
    So after restarting these services the report worked for 4-5  mins and then stopped. Therfore the 24-hour report started displaying only the syslog
    messages are were pulled within the 4-5 mins that LMS worked.
2- I repeated the process again but this time with no luck at all.
3- I checked the Syslog Collector Status and it showed the following :
SSL certificate status 
SSL certificates are valid and properly imported
Collector status 
Collector is up and reachable
i have posted the SyslogAnalyzer and SyslogCollector.log
Please if anyone can help i would be appreciated .
Its still possible that some services on server might be using the ports. Another possibility is to have improper SSL certificates. Try to re-generate SSL certificates with the host name of the server and not the FQDN even though server is now part of AD.
Here is the procedure to re-generate SSL Certificates from CLI :-
a.Stop Daemons
C:\net stop crmdmgtd
b. Remove server.* under NMSROOT\MDC\Apache\conf\ssl
c. Run the following commands:
CSCOpxMDC\Apache\perl ConfigSSL.pl -disable
CSCOpx\MDC\Apache\perl ConfigSSL.pl -enable (fill up  the certificate info) when you will be prompt to enter server host name. kindly enter the server name and not FQDN.
If you are not using SSL connectivity to CiscoWorks
CSCOpx\MDC\Apache\bin\ConfigSSL.pl -disable
d.Restart Daemons
c:\net start crmdmgtd.
Since the server is now part of the domain, kindly make sure you have server FQDN entry into the server host file at location :- WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\host
If it still dont work then we need to enable the debugging for Syslog Collector. This can achieved by changing the INFO to DEBUG in Collector.propert
ies file. Here is the procedure.
1> Stop syslog collector process on the server (you can do this from the command line prompt):
> pdterm SyslogCollector
2. Open and edit the
ies file, and change the line from
Then, save the file.
3. Restart syslog collector process.
> pdexec SyslogCollector
Try to reproduce the issue and send debug log from location :- CSCOpx/log/SyslogCollector.log
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