Link Tool in 3D PDF - possible?

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I think I already have this question answered for myself (I think the answer is no), but I wanted confirmation from more experienced users than myself.
Is it possible to use the link tool in a 3D pdf?  I have successfully linked to a 3D pdf, but I would like the ability to link from the 3D pdf to elsewhere in the document - or possible to activate a javascript command.
Here's what I have - screenshot below - a 3D pdf of a machine.  I would like the ability to have the end-users of this machine, look at this PDF, click on a specific part (either in the model or from the tree on the left) and either take them to a detail drawing of the part - or initiate a "mailto".  The goal here is to make it easier for customers to identify and order replacement parts.
BTW, I am running Windows 7 64-bit, and Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro Extended Version 9.4.1
Yes it's possible, but not with the Link tool (or any other UI element).
The method is to use a JavaScript event handler attached to the 3D annotation which intercepts the mouse click event. The target for that event is an array of nodes under the cursor (working away from the camera in Z-depth order) - the script must then check if the node(s) in the array match any for which you want to run a link action; and if so perform whatever jump you require.
There are several examples floating about online showing the same process in action to do things like auto-fill a parts order form based on what items you click in the 3D scene; they all use the same event handler script idea. It's not entirely trivial code and of course has to he hand-written for every file as the links are always different, but it works very well once up and running.
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