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Hi Guys,
I want to clarify few things.
We are receiving Raw coal, Limestone, clincker...and have different PO for different Items.
When material is coming on weigh bridge there is one line item created for every trip  in the PO for the particular material eg for clinker of 30000 ton there were 2000 trips so the PO will have 2000 items.
We have Raw coal for which only 1 line item is created for the PO even after multiple Trips.( Lum Sum).
But for other materials the Line item is corresponding the no of trips on the weighbride.
How can i check why for COAL only one line item is generated for Whole quantity or is there a way so that other materials can also be configured to have only one Line item in the PO..?
You tell the abaper to debug the program for the raw material which is not summing up the multiple trips. and tell him to correct it as it is responsing to other materials.
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