"Lack of free space message" on ipod

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ipod shuffle still says "iPod cannot be synced because there is not enough free space to hold all of the selected items," and thats after deleting songs and folders. What can I do?
If your iPod shuffle is 3rd or 4th gen, are you syncing your entire iTunes music library to the iPod?  If so, the shuffle can no longer hold your complete iTunes music library; you'll need to set it to sync a portion of your library instead.
A convenient way to do this is to create one or more playlists in your iTunes library, with only the songs you want on the shuffle.  Or you can use existing playlists.  The total storage used by the songs on these playlists cannot exceed the capacity of the shuffle (2GB if your shuffle is 4th gen).
Select the shuffle in iTunes, so that you see its "management" screen.  If you use the new iTunes 12, in the sidebar (along left side of window), under Settings, click on Music.  If your iTunes is an earlier version, click on Music in the horizontal bar (toward the top of the window).  This shows the iPod's Music screen, where you tell iTunes how to sync songs the shuffle.
The checkbox for Sync Music is probably already checked (if shuffle is currently set to sync your entire iTunes music library).  Keep it checked.  Below that, the option to sync Entire music library is probably selected now.  Change that to the other choice, to sync Selected playlists, artists, albums, and genres.  Below that, under Playlists, select (checkmark) those playlists with songs you want on the shuffle.  You can also select other items on those lists, as desired.  The "Capacity Bar" at the bottom of the screen shows you the amount of storage (on the shuffle) your current selections will be using.
Click Apply, and your selection syncs to the shuffle.  The current content of the shuffle is replaced (any songs on the shuffle that are not in your computer's iTunes library will be lost).  Going forward, to update songs on the shuffle, add songs to and/or remove songs from those playlists that sync to the shuffle, in your iTunes library.  The shuffle does not need to be connected.  The next time you connect the shuffle (or click Sync if already connected), iTunes syncs the same changes to the shuffle automatically.
If my assumptions about your situation are wrong, please reply back with more info...
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