Keys in CS-5 - Save Alpha Channel AVI

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Hello. I go shoot keys with green screen. On Location is good for some of that, but I have to remember to adjust the sound level next time. To show kids who did the scripts, I used the CS3 Ultra to quick ket a sample and dump on a background like we plan to use.
When I get into Premiere CS-5 I want to pick the take I like, trim the ends, key to transparent and save as an AVI with alpha channel. Liked the Ultra keyer when it was separate, but not sure about CS5 one, as controls were better organized in the CS3 version **.
1) Do I need to set up a line on timeline as alpha channel, in order to save same? If so which one?  These are just keyed person with clear BK.
2) Please help me with the settings so someone who makes the final steps, I think in another program, can open up the AVI files and have a good key to finish off. So far I haven't found one that will let me tick alpha channel to save.
**Yes i should find the Premiere fix list and ask for an ULTRA pop up of the CS3 design, if they are going to keep in Premiere.
3    PS)  Does Adobe have a set of books for the CS5 programs? When i got CS3 they offered me a deal to take the books. Saved me many times to be able to flip pages to find answers. Even a PDF of same might speed things along.
Look here for the steps to export an AVI with alpha: exporting video with an alpha channel (transparency)
I don't think you'll ever see Ultra as a standalone program again, as it's now integrated into Premiere Pro as an effect. I never used Ultra CS3, as I thought it was too rinky-dink, but the CS5 version is quite nice and easy-to-use (and get a great key) in most instances. It's not bulletproof, but Keylight in AE takes care of the more troublesome keys.
You can download a PDF of the help document for a particular application by going to the online version of the help docs, and clicking the PDF link in the upper-right corner. You can get Premiere Pro CS5's PDF right here: Adobe Premiere Pro CS5
You should also have the Community Help application installed along with the CS5 suite. If it doesn't open when you hit F1 within your app of choice, it should be available in the suite's application folder. It works well, and the help is updated frequently.
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