Keep getting "itunes has stopped working" error.

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Keep getting "itunes has stopped working" error. Just updated to windows 8.1, updated java (i installed java on windows 8 for work), & ran the solve a problem with itunes fix from my pc. Still crashes when i go to itunes store or try to sync my ipod. Itunes says their is no solution, my pc can't find a solution, and I've tried several fixes online (copying the .dll file, running in safe mode, running as administrator, reinstalling itunes) nothing is working for me.
Hey Cassblue21,
Thanks for the question, and great troubleshooting so far. While you may have already attempted most of the steps outlined in this article, I wished to provide it to you just in case you missed something. The article includes great isolation steps to determine if the issue is user-specific, or system-wide. Once you have isolated the issue, a few solutions are offered:
iTunes for Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8: Fix unexpected quits or launch issues
Matt M.
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