KE30 Report not displaying value in element line  , why ?

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Dear COPA Experts ,
IN KE30 ,there is a line element displaying for main prodcut (Value field used is Qty ) ,in the Same way i have created new element line for displaying by-prodcut qty (value field used is Qty ) ,after report generated and executed ,but it does not displaying the qty value of by -prodcut . but when drilling down to line item ,this KE30 is displaying line items of by-Prodcut .
the cost elements groups used for both are different and when run KE24 i was able to see by-Prodcut qty .
Can any one suggest ,wehther i have missed any setting ?
Hi DaveMac1960,
According to your description, when you render data in report, you find it always shows the data with unexpected order. Right?
In Reporting Services, if we don't set any sorting in tablix, it will order the data as your query in SSMS or Query Builder. In some scenario, for example, we add parent group for data rows, it will have the rows sort by the group on data field by default,
and the "order by" in your query will be ignored. So please check the Sorting tab in Tablix Properties, in this scenario, we suggest you delete any sorting in the Sorting tab so that the "Order By" clause can work.
Sort Data in a Data Region (Report Builder and SSRS)
If you have any question, please feel free to ask.
Best Regards,
Simon Hou
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