JDeveloper IDE simple setting problem

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Recently we switched to JDeveloper from Visual Cafe .I have a simple setting problem.How can I set the options so that IDE gives, the core java classes and packages,and our application classes and packeges, prompts in imports as well as in code.Where to set the options.
eg: when I write
import java. it should prompt all the pakages.
Thanks in advance.
I am not sure I understand what you are requesting, but ...
You can configure JDeveloper projects to include various libraries by default.
This is done by selecting menu Tools | Default Project Properties.../ Libraries tab.
You should define a library for your classes.
You can import any of the packages / classes from all the libraries which your project includes.
It would be incorrect for a tool to automatically add a bunch of import lines at the top of every file because each file should import what it needs and just as importantly, not import what it does not need depending on the component type (e.g. a servlet should not include javax.swing.* ).
An easy way to import elements into JDeveloper is to type in something like:
import java.
// and then type in Ctrl Space
and this launches the package browser, you can select packages or classes to import.
You can also do this at the variable declaratiton point such as typing in:
foo() {
Frame x
// Press Control Alt Space
and this will correctly change the type (Frame) to the type you select in the package browser and add the import statement.
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