Japanese Characters in Oracle BI Publisher

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We are using Oracle BI Publisher( We have a report in Japanese. The output of the report is in HTML and is getting displayed properly. When we send it as a mail using either schedule button or send button, the japanese text is not getting displayed properly. It is showing like
å®šæœŸå•¥å ´æ¤œæŸ»ã¯ã€ä»Šå›žã®å•¥å >´æ¤œæŸ»ã®ç´„1年後ã«å®Ÿæ–½ã„ãŸã—ã¾ã™
If someone has dealt with this earlier, kindly help. The encoding used is UTF-8(Unicode). It works fine for Spanish and Portuguese but not for Japanese.
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