J2IUN : Commulative Amount at the time of next time run

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Hi ,
We have utilized our available credits (SERVICE TAX and CENVAT) last month using J2IUN , now when we are tring to process utilize credits for this month , system is showing us commulative amount of credits ( LAST MONTH + THIS MONTH) ......
Like available CENVAT credit for last month was 10000 and payable service tax (we only have payable service tax , no EXCISE duty  )  was 7000. After utilization balance available credit was 3000.
This month we took a cenvat credit of Rs.6000.
So as per our calculation , for this month utilization available credit should be (6000 + 3000 =) 7000 , but system is showing me 10000 + 6000 = 16000 /-
Do we need to need to execute some other transaction also except J2IUN , to reflect the utilized amount in J2IUN in next run ? NEED YR HELP
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