IWeb created website can no longer be opened by iWeb

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I created a website with iWeb several years ago.  I am attempting to update that website but the iWeb "Open" option is no longer highlighted and therefore cannot be selected.  When I use finder, I tried using the "Open With" capability, but I get an error that the website cannot be opened by iWeb.  When I created the website, I had a MobileMe account (however the website is published to a standard hosted web site). I believe the iWeb version is a 2008 version.  Any suggestions?  Thanks
Do you have your domain.sites file for the site that you created?  It is normally located under your User/Library/Application Support/iWeb/domain.sites. 
The domain.sites file is where all the information about your site is stored and you need this file to be able to make any alterations to your site.
It does not matter at all where you have published your site of what version of iWeb you are using for that matter. iWeb is unable to open published files - one way street.  It only creates html files on publishing.
If you don't have your all important domain.sites files, then you'll have to re-build your site from scratch.
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