Itunes syncing problems

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i tried to synce my ipod with itunes and its keeps popping up a window saying " Songs on the ipod cannot by synced because all of the playlists selected for syncing no longer exist" can anyone help me im going on a raod trip tomorrow, I need songs in my ipod!!!
You get this problem when the option 'Sync Music - Selected playlists' is being used to sync your iPod and then the playlist it has been updating from is deleted. Most people use this setting when the iPod is smaller than the iTunes library. If your library is larger than the capacity of your iPod, iTunes by default makes a new playlist called something along the lines of "Owner's iPod". If you for any reason delete it, you will not be able to sync your iPod.
Open iTunes and create a playlist to update your iPod from, call it -iPod to make it the first playlist in Sources. You can make this a normal playlist and drag whatever you want to it or you can make it a random Smart playlist. If you are making a smart playlist limit it to just less than the size of your iPod (for example 3700MB for a 4G iPod Nano). Now connect your iPod and when it appears in the Source list click on the iPod icon to bring up the preference tabs in the main pane. Go to the Music tab and choose Sync Music and the Selected playlists radio button. Choose the playlist you just made from the selection and click Apply. You can also sync from any existing playlists by choosing the same setting, you just need to make sure that the size of the playlists don't exceed the capacity of your iPod:
iTunes: Creating playlists of your favorite songs
How to create a Smart Playlist with iTunes
To make a random playlist go to File>New Smart Playlist.
Uncheck "Match the following rule"
Check "Limit to" put "3700" in the number box, choose "MB" from the first list box, choose "Random" from the next list box. Check "Live Updating"
When you want to change the selection in the playlist just delete everything in it and it will add a new selection
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