Itunes match ios7 issues...

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I have the iphone 5s with itunes match enabled on it. For the past couple weeks my playlists will act like the songs that I once donwloaded to my device are no longer there. They show the cloud icon next to them. When I go into the artists menu, the songs are certainly there, but now the song has doubled and the old downloaded song is no longer attached to the playlist, but rather the new cloud song is. This is getting very frustrating, because it happens very randomly. I have tried to disable my itunes match then re-enable it, but that no longer works. Has anyone else had this issue? If so what can be done to fix it. I have already reset device with a fresh install, did not help. Thanks in advance.
I have noticed the same thing and I just upgraded to a 5s a few days ago... It didn't happen on my 4s running IOS7. Its a 64gb 5s and havent really figured a way around it yet. I also noticed it is only happening to tracks that are uploaded from lossless tracks not any itunes store bought tracks.
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