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O guess I can't post a pic as a reference here or attach the thing.
Ok, I run two 17 inchers down deep and it's 2560x1024 display. Safari takes the extended desktop to timbuktu. iTunes doesn't like to span the entire display. Do people who have HD 30" displays only see like itunes take up 1% of their display area? I'm going to suggest to Apple they allow itunes to resize window freedom for all mankind! Should I use the osx feedback?
well i looked into other media players. no luck. cddb access and altivec importing aiff are nice, i solved this problem by permanently erasing the want in my mind for full screen support, wait what did i just say i don't remember oh i noticed on apple insider that apple is specing a new display interconnect hd interface called udf or something like that. I'm waiting for HD DVD to come out before I buy antother computer or display so I can go hddvd with that technology at that time. I guess at that time I'll drop the money for a 30 in hd display or whatever size they have then. when will lep's or led displays come out to price me nice? epson pringing lcds sounds cool, ok i'm done, hd dvd come soon so I can see all itunes column access thingy last thing hd runs like mud on a 400 mhz g4 (sawtooth) so just for kicks I'll menntion that when hd comes along you'll need a faster cpu to kick the bits, hd dvd for eva peron
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