Issue with the steps in adding the ticket number in the ERMS email

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CRM 5.0  SP09
Read the CRM expert article written by John Burton to add a ticket automatically to an email reply and was able to get it to work. (had to apply note 954060 to get the variable in the mailform)
But in our normal processing steps the ticket number hadn't been created and was looking for a way to generate the number.
Normal steps.
1. Inbox - select Emails in process, select one and interact.
2. Confirm BP or create a BP and confirm.
3. Choose Email from nav bar and reply.  the ticket number is not filled i.e.
If I change the steps to
1. Inbox - select Emails in process, select one and interact.
2. Confirm BP or create a BP and confirm.
3. Select interaction record and save (service ticket # shows)
4. Choose Email from nav bar and reply.  and value fills in.
Is not a major issue, but users are always looking to reduce the number of clicks for the agents as they are being converted from using Outlook to ICWC for email repsonses.
Hi Glenn,
I am not sure that I (or other readers) may fully undestand the issue, so I want to clarify a couple of points.
It is not quite clear to me whether the emails that you are processing in the Agent Inbox are replies from customers (which already contain an ERMS tracking thread) or whether they are new emails?
I will assume that they are new emails. Also, I understand (from previous message threads) that you are using the Service Ticket as your leading business transaction, rather than the Interaction Record? Is this the case? If so, it is important to point out in such threads since the default process used by most customers to create an interaction record as the leading object and then create a service ticket in cases wehre followup investigation is necessary.
In the normal proces flow, an interaction record is automatically created once a business partner is confirmed. So, in order to create a service ticket (and have the service ticket thread be automatically inserted into an email as a tracking thread) you first need to navigate to the Service Ticket screen (which results in the creation of a service ticket).
But I am assuming, as mentioned, that in your case you are using the Service Ticket as the leading object? Does anything show up in this "Interaction Record" view in the lower-right-hand corner of the email editor currently? If so, maybe the problem then is that you need to replace the Interaction Record view inside the Email Editor screen with the Service Ticket view instead? This could be causing the problem that the non-existant Interaction Record is being set as the current One Order object instead of the Service Ticket. This is really jus a guess on my part, but maybe worth checking.
See also SAP notes 1032743, 1169373, 1157402
Warm regards,
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