Issue with Standard Cost estimates / Material Ledger

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We have been using SAP for the last 5 years with Material Ledger active. Due to a number of reasons, we have not revised its standard cost estimates from 2001 till now. This means that at month end, we do not mark and release prices as recommended, nor do we mark prices and use dynamic release.
What Happened:
A new material called PFSW3 was made. This is a FERT. Before production
could start my team released the standard cost estimate for this material. Production was now able to proceed without problem. Then, when the time came to sell the material (VF02), SAP again raised the error 'cost estimate not found'. On checking the standard price in MM03, we discovered that the future cost estimate was missing. So we created and marked a new cost estimate in the middle of February 2007.
When the first sale took place, SAP released the marked cost estimate and posted a Price Change document to adjust for the new standard cost. I understand this was due to dynamic release. Now, when month end came, the system settled all the production orders of material PFSW3 but did not do multi level costing on it.
Internal Investigation:
My team has determined that the material PFSW3 has price determination 2 set by mistake. All our other production materials (HALB and FERT) are
set to price determination 3 in the material master (accounting view).
To sum this situation up,
we need to know why the material PFSW3 was not marked closed in its period status (CKM3) at the time of closing through CKMLCP?
What are the implications of not closing this material in Feb 2007 (current period status is showing 'Quantities and values entered')?
How can we close this material this month?
The future cost estimate is again missing for PFSW3 in March 2007 and I
fear we are going to face more problems as this material is sold to customers.
Please respond this is an urgent issue.
Dear Shumyl,
Please, have a look at Note 645083 - Material period status set to "Closing Entry Completed" that might help to closing your material in previous period.
Hope it will be useful.
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