Issue in transaction code creation for sap query report .

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Hi  Gurus,
I have a requirement to create transaction codes for sap query reports. I found two ways to create transaction code for sap query report
1) By Generating program for sap query report and creation of transaction code for that generated Program. in tcode.
2) By using parameter transaction options in start object of se93
What are the difference between creation of these two ways. Please specify  the advantages and disadvantages of both methods.
Suneel Kumar Uggina.
Hi Jogeswara Rao,
But I am getting problem while transporting form development system to  the production system. After transporting to Production system  I have used the code created in development system, but it is giving Error ' No Program Found for that Transaction Code. And  I would like to know  on what conditions should I have to  use the First one  and as well as a second one in sap query reports.
Thank You,
Suneel Kumar Uggina.
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