Is there any way to enable SSH via Terminal in the OSX Installer utility list?

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Hi guys, I've messed up my install a little on my internal HDD.. I can't boot into OSX as I keep getting kernel panics on boot. I was just wondering if there's any way I can SSH into my Mac Pro via the Terminal on the OSX Installer Utilities list.. I have a Macbook Pro to SSH from but I need a way to enable SSH via that Terminal "-bash-3.2#"..
I've tried to use the systemsetup -setremotelogin on command but I know SSH requires login keys and as I have no idea what can be used as those keys for the OSX Installer version of Terminal I have no idea how I can enable SSH..
Tried some sudo commands but as I guess it runs at a completely different level to sudo it won't actually recognise the sudo command..
Any help would be greatly appreciated guys, if you need me to post any info or results to help then just let me know.
Thanks alot
If your Mac cannot boot to the OS X installation then you will not be able to set up the SSH (Remote Login) sharing service. The OS X installer does not support any of the system's sharing services. Technically it does have the sshd daemon (server process) that you can set up to accept a connection; however, this will not give you any additional benefit.
The only reason to SSH into the system would be to get to the Terminal command prompt anyway, which is available when you boot to the Recovery HD partition and choose Terminal from the Utilities menu. If you were to set up SSH and log in, you would still only have the functionality provided by the Terminal in the Utilities menu, and not have access to your Mac's full OS installation.
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