Is there any way of saving the laptop if some liquid was spilled over it?

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I accidentally spilt some milk over my MacBook Air keyboard earlier today. I have dried it as best I can and no milk is dripping out from the keys now. I have put the laptop upside down like a tent so it can dry out. It doesn't look like any liquid went into the vent at the bottom of the laptop but I can't tell for sure.
It was switched on and screen was frozen on the password window when the milk was spilt. I then pressed the button to switch it off and that process took some time. Now it doesn't switch back on.
Has anyone had this happen to them and if so, is it possible to save the laptop? Can Apple support help and or recover data from the laptop? My laptop is out of warranty but I would like to see whether Apple support can help and how much it costs, and pay to have it fixed.
Liquid spills, why your MacBook Air chassis is a one-way valve for spills
After a substantial spill many people will turn their notebook upside down and shake it, not only does this not work, but it spreads liquid havoc throughout your machine and makes things often as bad as possible. The keyboard itself acts like a one way valve in the case of a substantial liquid spill. While liquid pours into the bottom chassis easy, it does not come out easily at all, and in the case of any spill, most of it will not come out by turning it upside down. Disconnect all power and contact Apple for diagnostics and repair.
Do not attempt to, after a spill, ‘dry out your MacBook Air’ and test it
After a spill most people invariably try to “dry out” their notebook by various methods, including hair dryers and otherwise. This both does not work, and after a substantial spill of any magnitude, even if the liquid was water, residue is left behind. There are additionally many very tight places inside your notebook where liquids will linger for a very long time, and cause corrosion or worse. Immediately unplug your notebook and contact Apple for in shop diagnostics and parts replacement. In the case of very minor spills people will “dry out” their notebook and feel success that their notebook is working ok, however invariably in nearly all instances after 4-14 days an error / fault pops up and is usually followed by more.
YES, your notebook can be "saved".....having repaired them, they can ALL be fixed,....but cost escalates to the point of "whats the use?"
When damage is SO high, its close to the cost of a new machine, then fixing is futile
Contact Apple for free in shop diagnostic and parts replacement.
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