Is there a way to create a new PDF from part of a form?

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I would like to create a PDF form that is really several forms. A master form and several forms like Form A, Form B and Form C. The idea is to be able to fill out the Master form and have it populate the like fields in the other forms. What I would like to accomplish is to have buttons/scripts for each Form A, Form B and Form C that would output each one to a new PDF. If I wrap each form in a subform, is there a way I can output that subform to a new PDF? Or is there another approach I can take?
Maybe I could put all the forms in a package but somehow automatically populate the like fields in the other forms without exporting and importing data?
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You are using LiveCycle Designer?
Acrobat Forms has has Personal Field Names, PFN, that can be used to import and export personal data since version 4. Samples are included on the distribution CD-Rom. forms\PFN
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