Iphone I cloud activation screen (forgot apple id & password)

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I shouldn't even be making this post, but i'm so frustrated. I'l do a quick summary so that I get you guys and girls up to speed on my problem.
1. Was updating phone, random error happened and the phone needed to be backed up by itunes, the phone restarted and I was stuck at the activation screen.
2. Was ****** off, logged in a few times got an error, until I finally discovered another email adress k********@hotmail.com. By this point I was utterly and completely confused.
3. I got more ****** off, and I called apple. I found my phone box and gave IEMI(not sure if correct spelling) number and I told them I could provide serial number and so on and so fourth as I am the original owner.
4. They told me I needed to send a copy of my reciept. I did not have one, so I had to travel all the way to the store and get a digital copy and send it to them. I sent it to them at around 15.00 (which is 3pm)
5. A few hours went by and I tryed to think back to when I created my Icloud/activation I must have just wanted to use the phone so bad that I typed in whatever not thinking it would bite me in the *** 2 years later.
6. One day has passed and I got a job interview later today, I need my phone to pay my bills, send money where money should be sent. I feel so stranded without a phone. I was using it for everything music in the gym etc etc.
How hard can it be to find an apple id? If I give somebody all the correct information, name. reciept, serial number, IEMI(not sure if spelled correctly) eventhough it was my fualt originally, bt the sheer speed of me giving them all the correct information was astounding, it took me about an hour or so to gather everything. I just want to be serviced with the same speed. I have the number for an higher up guy in the support who is handling my "case" personally and I will call him later, in an hour or two.
I wasn't even going to make this post, but after wanting to logg in with my apple id and cruise the forum.I got prompted to pick a user name. After that  I got the error message somebody is already using that email. When being logged in to _MY_ _OWN_ account. Just the sheer incompitence of the security... it's like it's backfiring on it self.
(Problem solved)
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