IPhone got repaired by apple but when it came from the repair, the same problem was still there?

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So yesterday i found out that my iPhone's screen is making a creepy sound when i push the upper right corner of the screen (loud and cracky) so i immediately took it to apple, the genius told me she can definitely hear the sound, she opened the iPhone and took a look at the parts (in case theres something broken) she explained me that theres some glue or some sort of detached component so they have to replace the phone screen. I agreed and later i came to pick my phone up, the exact same thing was still happening so i talked to another genius since the one serving me was already gone, this new guy told me he can definitely hear the thing but won't be taking it any further, said he's phone is doing the same, now trust me, non of iPhone's is doing the same, i owned every iPhone from 3g to 5, 3 iPad's and 2 iPod touch's but non of them did this thing.
I came home and i talked to apple support, they apologised and sent me to another store to ask for a phone replacement, we did choose the store together and they helped me to make an appointment, however I'm still afraid since I'm not sure the store will exchange the phone and the noise just freaks me out whenever i touch the screen. What should i do when I'm in store or is there anyone with a similar case?
My appointment is booked for today at 1:20, Covent garden.
You should be polite and say thank you when they give you a replacement phone. Check it before you leave, of course.
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