Ipad2 charging slowly and not connecting to itunes

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Hi Everyone 
So a few months back my ipad2 decided it didn't want to connect to my itunes anymore which didn't bother me at the time as I had already loaded eveything I wanted onto the device.
The next thing to happen was it started charging very slowly and with no lightning bolt icon next to the battery when plugged in.
Naturallly this irked me so I started reasearching the problem on here and found that it was an issue with the dock connector port.
I took it into apple and they said they wouldn't repair it but offered to sell me a new one for £250.
I decided to just take on the repair job myself having fixed numerous broken laptops and gadgets in the past with online instruction.
So yesterday the new dock connector part arrived and I successfully swapped out the old for the new although I did notice something strange.
The dock connector cable on both the original part and the new part I bought seemed too long for the ipad I.e. the cable kinks in the middle when plugged into the connector port and screwed in. 
once I turned the ipad back on it was the same deal as before no connection to itunes and only slightly faster charging than before.
Any ideas guys I'm pretty much at a loss here.
The cable could be the culprit.
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You may need to delete iTunes on your computer and then reinstall.
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 Cheers, Tom
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