Invalid request when calling REST-webservice with UTL_HTTP.

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When i try to send some data to a REST-webservice i get as response "INVALID REQUEST"
I Think it is about the request-body that seems to be no UTF-8.
I tried to set the characterset with utl_http.set_body_charset(t_http_req, 'UTF-8').
But when i read the characterset with utl_http.get_body_charset(t_charset);, is still get "ISO-8859-1"
I am using: Oracle Database 10g Express Edition Release - Product
Some help would realy be appreciated because i am out of options trying to get the code working..
======MY CODE==========
create or replace procedure ipm40_send_bekendmaking(p_bdmg_id in number)
r_bekendmaking ipm40_bekendmakingen%rowtype;
r_gemeente ipm40_gemeenten%rowtype;
l_url httpuritype;
t_http_req utl_http.req;
t_http_resp utl_http.resp;
t_request_body varchar2(32767);
t_respond varchar2(32767);
-- t_teller integer := 1;
-- t_output varchar2(2000);
t_start number := 1;
t_body_lengte number;
t_chunkdata varchar2(4000);
t_tijd_1 varchar2(256);
t_tijd_2 varchar2(256);
t_timeout integer;
t_length number;
t_charset varchar2(256);
select *
into r_bekendmaking
from ipm40_bekendmakingen
where id = p_bdmg_id;
select *
into r_gemeente
from ipm40_gemeenten
where gmte_code = r_bekendmaking.gmte_code;
l_url := httpuritype.createuri(''||;
t_request_body := l_url.getClob();
/* request that exceptions are raised for error Status Codes */
--Utl_Http.Set_Response_Error_Check ( enable => true );
/* allow testing for exceptions like Utl_Http.Http_Server_Error */
--Utl_Http.Set_Detailed_Excp_Support ( enable => true );
t_http_req:= utl_http.begin_request( r_gemeente.url_webservice_bekendmakingen
, 'POST'
, 'HTTP/1.1');
utl_http.set_body_charset(t_http_req, 'UTF-8');
t_length := length(t_request_body);
utl_http.set_header(t_http_req, 'Content-Type', 'application/xml charset=UTF-8');
utl_http.set_header(t_http_req, 'Content-Length', t_length);
utl_http.set_header(t_http_req, 'Transfer-Encoding', 'chunked' ); --
t_body_lengte := dbms_lob.getlength(t_request_body);
t_chunkdata := dbms_lob.substr(t_request_body, 2000, t_start);
utl_http.write_text ( t_http_req, t_chunkdata );
t_start := t_start + 2000;
if t_start > t_body_lengte
end if;
end loop;
t_http_resp:= utl_http.get_response(t_http_req);
utl_http.read_text(t_http_resp, t_respond);
if instr(t_respond,'Successfully document processed') != 0
update ipm40_bekendmakingen
set ind_status = 'S'
, datum_verzonden = sysdate
, response = t_respond
where id =;
update ipm40_bekendmakingen
set ind_status = 'F'
, datum_verzonden = null
, response = t_respond
where id = ;
end if;
when others
t_tijd_2 := to_char(sysdate,'HH24:MI:SS');
t_respond := substr(sqlerrm,1,2000);
update ipm40_bekendmakingen
set ind_status = 'F'
, datum_verzonden = null
, response = t_respond
where id = ;
===THE RESPOND=============
<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN" "">
<HTML><HEAD><META HTTP-EQUIV="Content-Type" CONTENT="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1">
<TITLE>ERROR: The requested URL could not be retrieved</TITLE>
<STYLE type="text/css"><!--BODY{background-color:#ffffff;font-family:verdana,sans-serif}PRE{font-family:sans-serif}--></STYLE>
<H2>The requested URL could not be retrieved</H2>
<HR noshade size="1px">
While trying to process the request:
POST /pushxml/pushxml-bm HTTP/1.0
Authorization: Basic Ymtfc21hcnRob2xkaW5nOllyZXMzdlFR
Content-Type: application/xml charset=UTF-8
Content-Length: 2096
Transfer-Encoding: chunked
Connection: close
The following error was encountered:
Invalid Request
Some aspect of the HTTP Request is invalid. Possible problems:
<LI>Missing or unknown request method
<LI>Missing URL
<LI>Missing HTTP Identifier (HTTP/1.0)
<LI>Request is too large
<LI>Content-Length missing for POST or PUT requests
<LI>Illegal character in hostname; underscores are not allowed
<P>Your cache administrator is [email protected]
<BR clear="all">
<HR noshade size="1px">
Generated Fri, 12 Aug 2011 17:33:24 GMT by (squid)
Always check the access_log and error_log files of the Apache web server in such a case. This will identify whether the error comes from Apache itself, mod_plsql, the Apex run-time engine, or the Oracle database.
I see that you're creating a HTTP/1.1 in PL/SQL - however, the web server response indicates a HTTP/1.0 call was received. Unusual. And could be part of the problem.
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