Installation on AIX and Db2 9

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I am due to start an upgrade project for 4.7 on AIX and DB2, the originating release of DB2 is 8.2.
But to save myself time I want to use the export of the SAP system to install it on a DB2 version 9 system, using SAPInst.
I know this is a valid operation on a Windows Oracle platform, but was wondering if there any limitations on the DB2 side of things.
That does not accomplish anything of what I wanted.
To reduce the complexity of the upgrade, I want to use the import process to facilitate a database upgrade.
What you are proposing is a system copy, and means I will have to do a database upgrade later.
If my idea is not workable then fine, I will do it that way but you have not addressed any of the requirements I have stated in my post.
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