Install windows 7 x64 on 2.2TB hdd.

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Hi all,
This is my first time on this forum.
I could use some help on an issue regarding installing win 7 x64 on a 3tb hdd.
I'm running the z77-g43 wich should work fine with such sized discs.
I converted it to GPT, tried booting with Legacy+UEFI and just uefi.
Install from dvd boot or from windows on a spare 320GB hdd.
Every time i get a 'cannot install windows on a GPT-drive'.
I even tried installing it on a MBR conversion, but then I can't make 2.2TB+700GB partitions....
Anybody got some ideas ?
I have a PowerMac dual 2.3 G5, a Mac Pro dual 2.66 Duo (2006), and Mac Pro dual 2.8 Quad (2008) and a MacBook Pro 2.26 Duo (2009 Unibody).
I was attempting the install on my home 2008 MP. The 2006 is at a work site so cannot be considered in my project.
I HAD 1 2TB drive in bay 1 that had 10.6.7 and Win7 x64, 2 3TB in bay 2/3 (bay 2 had 10.6.7 backup OS while bay 3 was purely a data drive) and 1 1TB WinXP x86 in bay 4.
So I just replaced the 2TB with a third 3TB and needed to keep Win7. Now I'm faced with either SHRINKING WinXP in bay 4 in order to partition it into two with Win7 on the other partition, or wiping out 10.6.7 partition the just-replaced 2TB and cloning my WinXP drive onto that.
I only need probably at most 500GB for both WinXP and Win7, primarily for development purposes as well as PC-only gaming; I don't need a 2TB drive for them and I'd rather retask the 2TB drive into my unRAID media server.
Which means I don't want a 3TB Windows only solution.
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