Instaling iTunes on xp 64 bit

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right im getting frustrated here. ive come across a way of installing iTunes on my XP 64 bit OS, but the only problem is i can only get my hands on version 8.0 i try to find version 8.2 or higher as my new iphone wont sync as the version is too old. so my question is where can i find version 8.2 or higher that is for vista 64 bit as i have to mess about with the files or something, whilst folling's steps. as apple have just been too lazy to make there softwear compatible with xp 64 bit, and been too lazy to keep there vista 64 bit iTunes up to date with the 32 bit version, and failed to provide a link that is easily accessed for the relivent siftwear. if i looked i would probably find a post in this section on exactly my issue, but ive been trying to figure it out all evening and tbh im bored now, and plus theres so many posts it would take a little while finding it. if anyone could light my way i would greatly appreciate it. i thank you in advanced.
i maybe out of date, but i thort xp pro 64 bit was a more stable OS than Vista 64 bit, i tried Vista and i kept throwing problems my way so i went back to the older OS and at the time windows 7 wasnt out. like i said i got itunes to install but the version was too old for my iphone, so ive been trying to find at least version 8.2 which it states is required but none of them work, it seems its not for vista or any 64 bit at all, as it keeps saying i need xp service pack 2 or newer, well i have service pack 2 for my xp pro 64 bit. every download i try, it gives me the same results, and i wasnt asking if itunes ever supported xp pro 64 bit as it is obvious they havent, and i have read elsewhere that very same thing, im asking for help in solving my issue
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