Inspn For 103 Movnt Type UD Not allowing without Batch

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Hi Experts
We have one scenario : For Incoming materials we are doing 103 GR Block stock and system
not asking  any batch during MIGO.And after quality inspection (RR) 105 Block stock to unrestricted
(Here we are entering the batch). But before this we need to take UD for the lot
but system is not allowing me to do UD without Batch. For time being we are doing stock posting only.
Kindly advise me how can I take UD without Batch for 103 inspection lots.
Inadvance Thanks
Shiva Patil
Hi Vishal / Sanil,
The problem is QM don't want create this batch we have suggested this they want system should assign automatically. In 103 there is no such a way that MM can enter this batch. QM is asking we haven't entered the batch in 103 so we want this lot need to be close without Batch.
1) Which sap note is suitable for this kindly suggest me
Shiva Patil
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