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HP 7525 was purchased new and installed Jaunuary 2015.  It is connected to a Dell 8300 Desk Top running Windows 7, Service Pk #1, Home Premium, 64-bit.  The printer connection is hardwired via a USB connection.  On initial install all features of interest worked fine; greeting card and photo printing primarily.   In the beginning when using these apps, Hallmark Card Studio Deluxe 2015 and Photoshop cc 2014 on starting the printing process a small icon popped up in the lower right corner of the screen advising ink status.  In addition, when a cartridge was near empty a window popped up to warn that a cartridge was low or empty.  The pop-up windows stopped about the end of February 2015 and have not returned.   The out-of-ink warning windows have never appeared yet.
The starter ink cartridges have emptied, reasonably so with no such warnings.  The printer and computer ink status screens showed the ink levels were ok even when they appeared to be empty.   Replacing the ink cartridges solved the immediate problem but I am now "flying blind."  From past experience with an earlier Photosmart Inkjet a copule of years ago, I believe there is a software issue involved that needs resolving.   Can anybody advise on what troubleshooting actions are necessary with the new 7525?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Hi @BobF2012,
The options in the Printer Assistance, "Only show ink alerts when printing" and I "Show me ink alerts right away", dictate how you see your alerts. When you selected Show me ink alerts right away, you chose to get a prompt as soon as the ink level reaches the first warning level. You will be warned when the cartridge(s) has only 20% ink left, then again at 10%, then when depleted, or some variation of these ink levels. If you choose Only show ink alerts when printing, I believe the ink levels will appear every time you print.
Perhaps you would rather go back to the Printer Assistant and choose Only show ink alerts when printing instead.
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