InDesign to PDF, ok Adobe Reader, bad in Apple Preview

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I have an InDesign file that has been saved as an interactive pdf.  There are several .psd files in the document.  (selected objects with the surrounding area made transparent). 
I have been opening the file in Adobe Reader (on a PC), and didn't realize there was an issue until I opened it on a Mac in Preview.  There, all of the psd files have a black box where the transparency should be. 
I can't figure out why the file looks different in the two programs.  All of my searches have given solutions for printing errors regarding transparency, but I haven't found anything relating to this (an error that is only apparent in one program).
Is this fixable, or just a bug that is out of my control? 
Apple's Preview application, not only on MacOS, but also iOS (for iPad and iPhone), is fairly crufty when it comes to fully adhering to the PDF specification. The problem is that of bugs in Preview, not in InDesign's export of PDF.
The workaround is very simply to use Adobe Reader on MacOS and on iOS. Unfortunately, there is nothing Adobe can do about this!
          - Dov
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