Importing transports in different versions.

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I want to confirm that is it possible to perform transports in different version systems.Our requirement is to create the request from ECC5 and then import it in our Netweaver 04s server.
So first I want to know is it possible and second thing as i know for it i have to only manually copy cofile and datafile in target system and then by STMS add to buffer and then import,Is there anything else also i have to do like changing file permission.I am using windows 2003 server.
Please suggest.
as u would be aware transport is done by r3 trans
different versions of R3trans are fully compatible with each other, because the data is transported in a standard format. Thus one can use different versions of R3trans for export and import.
Transports between different databases or operating systems are not a problem either.
When you transport between different SAP release levels, note that this usually does not present any technical problems due to the upward and downward compatibility of R3trans , but logical inconsistencies could occur in such transports
Further technical and logical problems for the various releases are outlined in notes 60928, 120151, 126776 and 330267.
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