If I re-install my podcast app with a different apple ID will I lose all the media from the older one ?

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I have the Podcast app installed on my iPhone with a lot if free media content downloaded.
Now I need to re-install the app with a different apple ID.
Will I lose all my content by doing do ?
Please help. I don't want to lose anything.
Please let me know if there is a work-around.
You don't really want a new Apple Account (which is what you are describing) - all of your iTunes purchases will still be tied to the old Apple Account, all of your iCloud info will be under that old Account, all of your Messages will be under that old Account.
Why not just to to Manage your Apple ID and edit your Apple ID to the new email you want it to be? You cannot edit an Apple ID using an Apple Domain email address (@me.com, @mac.com, @iCloud.com), but if your current ID is not using one of those type of email addresses, then changing it is the way you want to go. That way, everything stays with the Apple ID since it is the same Apple account.
Just be sure to sign out of all apps on the device (iCloud, Messages, iTunes & App Store, FaceTime) before you change it.
To EDIT your current Apple ID at Manage your Apple ID go to: Apple - My Apple ID
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