Idoc Scenario from SAP to SAP  via PI 7.1o

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Q: Two idocs will process from SAP to SAP via SAP-PI 7.1o and generated together.
Requirement :
2 IDOCs – as we explained our design will require two IDOCs. The first IDOC will be developed by a Z code and the second IDOC is generated by 100% Standard SAP BAPIs and 2 IDOCs  send them to PI. Both IDOCs will be generated together by  process code in sap and must be moved to PI and later to the receiver client together(SAP). The process can only be 100% completed when both IDOCs will be processed with success in the receiver side. Any one of the IDOC among 2 idoc's failed all the process should stop.
i think that is not possible , PI will not be able to stop successfull IDOC If another IDOC get fails .
Please give me approaches if any chance .
Thanks, Sanakr
Hi Bhavani,
You can use BPM with correlation to achieve this scenario:
Demonstration of ccBPM Scenario: SAP PI 7.1
**************** - BPM Scenario using Fork and correlation
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