ID3 comment data won't clear on iPhone.

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I have some songs that have a little advert in the ID3 comment field and I removed them using two different ID3 tag editors and as well as the iTunes Get Info option, it's blank in everyone as well as when I right click the song in the folder and check the Detals tab under properties it's clear as well, so I delete the songs on my iPhone and put them back on and same advert is still there even though I have four different sources telling it's blank. The only way I was able to get rid of it was by clearing ALL of the ID3 tag data, and obviously that is not very useful and I do not feel like rebuilding all the ID3 tag data for every song. My theory is that the first time I put the songs on my phone it had the advert and it just stays even after you delete it and add again with blank comment data. So im just looking for suggestions because it is kind of an eyesore when I start playing my tracks.
Thank you for taking the time to read this.
You're welcome.
Contact them anyway.
After contacting your carrier and there is no problem on their end with your account - they may want to reset your account which will require powering the iPhone off, if there is no change after resetting network settings on your iPhone and/or after doing a reset which is similar to a computer restart, try restoring the iPhone with iTunes from the iPhone's backup.
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