ICal 1.5.5 To Do lists get cut off

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I may be one of the last to still be using iCal 1.5.5 (G4 10.3.9 -- haven't found a good enough reason to update). I want to print the calendar with the To Do lists, but they keep getting cut off the bottom. My lists are too long -- +too much to do!+
I tried using the 'Scale' function in the page setup menu, but that had no effect on the outcome. I thought I did that once before, maybe I didn't. Either way, it didn't work.
Search after search finds nothing -- just more frustration. How could Apple have created something that won't print all the information? It doesn't even go to a second page?!
Any and all help sure would be appreciated!
Thanks in advance!
I do not have a problem on the view I have on ical on my screen. I am trying to get it to print exactly what I have configured for my view.
You could have ical delete them X number of days after completion. I want to keep track of all the to do items - I just want to be able to print out a to do list that doesn't have all my completed items on it. Of course, I might want that later.
I want the print job to reflect the view I have configured at that time for the screen.
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