I want to use my Time Capsule just as backup, not as a router.  How?

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I just want to use my Time Capsule as a wireless back-up and not as a router of any kind.  My mac is already connected to my wireless network and it seems the the Time Capsule wants to run a wireless connection of its own?
Here's what I've done:
-Plugged the time capsule into a power outlet (have not plugged it into anything else)
-The amber light continues to blink
-Ran a back-up (to do this I had to disconnect from my main wireless and connect the time Time Capsule Connection)
-It ran through a back-up and completed, but when I tried to open time machine, it couldn't connect so I switch back to my main wireless connection
I am not good with setting up connections and things of that nature.. I am afraid to unhook my main wireless. 
What do I do?
The Time Capsule should be bridged and plugged into the main router.. you can then use the wireless on the TC or the main router.. both will give you internet and TM will be able to backup.
What OS version are you running.. I only know the v5 method of setting up the TC.. where you go to internet tab, connection sharing and select off .. bridge mode.. if you have later OS.. like Lion, you can download the 5.6 utility.
It is much better than later version. But it will not install into ML.. you will need another member to describe the method or google for it.. bridge TC with 6.1 utility.
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