I just found out I can't install my MXP extensions

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I really would like to wrtie something useful and meaningful, and maybe even ask a question or two. But I apologize in advance if it just turns out to be a rant. There's a bigger picture here, and that involves the overall direction the internet has taken in the last few years. Ok, I do have a question, but let me rant just a little first.
I recently went from CS4 to Creative Cloud. Inbetween, I tried out a few trial versions of CS products, and all was fine with my extensions. I now have several CC apps installed, time to start working again, only to find out the whole MXP issue. It didn't take long to find out what I have to do, so that shoulnd't be a problem. But then again, I won't know for sure until I actually attempt converting and installling the extensions.
This practice of updating and upgrading that force us into additional purchases - both hardware and software is just out of control. It's all under the guide of providing a better overall experience, and I can go along with that to a degree.
So the first question requires speculation - when it comes to this change to the new extension format - WHY?? And if there is a way to convert an MXP, why isn't that just built into the CC extension manager?
The second question is more philosophical. What is the correct attutude a developer supposed to adopt? I know that we have to use the tools we've been given, or find something else to do. But we don't really have any options, especially when it comes to web development, and especially for those who do rely on extensions.
It also used to be, just stay with the older version if upgrading is impractical or unaffordale. But that''s that even possible any more. CS4 has barely any support for HTML5, and without that, may as well hang it up.
I know I sound like just another complainer, and for now I am - but I'm just one small voice is a larger chorus. It used to be all about Microsoft. Now it's Adove, and, yes, even Apple are targets. I read te blogs ad forums, and I know I'm not alone. But with all those voices out there, nothing changes. Wait, that's not right - it does change - for the worse.
Part two of the second question - does anyone know of any issue that anyone of these big companies have responded to because of some sort of consumer or user activism, suggestions, anything other than legislation?  I don't know of a single instance.
Sorry, and thanks.  
Ben, I appreciate your honesty and help.
For the sake of clarity, I would like to mention that during my seeking and finding I've yet to find the specifics on why the file formates were changed, other than the ZXP format has the capability of including more features.
Also, while the major extension providers have upgraded their products to ZXP versions, some of them are paid upgrades and part of bundles, so it can get a little pricey. The extensions will convert successfully, but get the database error during install in EM CC. Even with that, they still show up in DW CC and function properly, except perhaps for one or two of the features. Hopefully, when I do purchase the compatbile extension, I"ll be able to install it, as the one I installed doesn't display in the EM and therefore doesn't provide a way to uninstall! 
On the other side of the coin, I've converted some extensions, and installed them without a hitch, they show up in DW but just don't work at all.
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