I have upgraded my iphone 4 (ios 4.3.5 to current release 5.0.1) yesterday and got an error code 1630 for carrier up-gradation failure. Now my device is not working for phoning purpose. It just stay muted at the time of call.

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I have upgraded my iphone 4 by iTunes from ios version 4.3.5 to 5.0.1
and think it was the biggest mistake I have ever done.
Now my iphone basically not a celluler/mobile phone. I can't hear a single tone at the time of calling
and even the the receiver also can't here my voice. calling other and after receiving by them and to be
mute is the thing happned to me with that upgradation. before that it was working absolutely fine. I have
checked my microphone and headset by recording and it seems absolutely OK. I don't know what should
I do now?
Please help me.
I tried to downgrade my phone to 4.3.5 back but at don't accept downgradation and gives me an error code 3194
Thanks for reply,
It's truely a disestar for me to kill my phone myself by so called bloody upgradation.
Iwish I have not upgraded.
I baught it from here in Bangladesh and now I’m ina mess to get at least a minimum support.
Thanks for your valued suggessions but it didn’tmade any difference to my situation.
So now I have an ipod in the price of an iPhone4. Crap.
Is there any chance of fixing this bug by apple?As the same problem has already been faced by a lot of iPhone Users.
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