I have an iPhone 4S and I can't make outgoing calls, texts or receive any texts or calls.

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Hi my Iphone 4S today wasn't able to make calls or send texts. When trying to dial it wouldn't give back a ring tone despite me having full bars. I turned the phone off and back on hoping to resolve the call service. It didn't work. At that point I called AT&T and they said I should have service. I checked with others with Iphones and they all were working so I know for a fact it isn't AT&T. I then decided to reset the entire phone to its original state. After that I hooked it up to Itunes and put my backup file back on. At this point the phone began to work again but then two hours later it did the same exact thing and I'm unable to text or call. I don't want to keep reseting it and reinstalling my backup as it is time consuming and a chore for such a short amount of time. I read some other posts and they blame 5.0.1 for the problem. I don't know if there is any facts to those posts. Does anyone know if Apple has come out and said that the new update has bugs? Or could it be that my phone is defective? I appreciate all of your help.
You use Restore to get the latest firmware build, not the Update button. You can only use the Update button, if there is an iOS update, say iOS 5.1.
this link talks about updating to 9A406 to fix the "No Service" issue with iPhone 4S:
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